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Now it’s approved in 62 countries, it's performing in every country where we have launched ENTYVIO it is performing very well. The oncology portfolio overall also growing very well, also shown here, Velcade was actually – the sales of Velcade in H1 were also strong.

And then TRINTELLIX in the US growing 58.7%, and now by far the preferred antidepressant. We show here the market share dynamic of ENTYVIO, I will focus on the bio-naïve patients because this is by far the biggest pool of patients in term of dynamism of the market and you can see that our market share in the bio-naïve segment in the US for example is growing very rapidly and this is we believe where our product mostly used because it has a excellent efficacy, safety profile, long-term remission, so I think this is a great data.

Now I’d like to introduce today’s presenters on the stage. And then Andy will talk about the pipeline and then James will finish by more details about our financial results.

But what I can immediately share with you is that we are seeing a strong growth dynamic during the first semester of 2017.

So Japan is growing 0.3%, but if you take out - exclude some product that we gave back to Pfizer and they were low margin product, actually our growth in Japan is 7.6% during your first semester. We can discuss later, if you have question about that.

It’s a temporary headwinds if you like in China for reasons that we know very well linked to the healthcare systems reform, or in standards, some commercial practice realignment internally that we have done.

Taking this opportunity, I’d like to briefly introduce myself.

So what you will see today is that based on this first semester results, we are raising our full-year outlook in spite of some headwinds during the second semester.So we are very optimistic that our China business actually will regain some momentum in the near future. If you look at our growth drivers, they represent now 62% of our total revenue and growing close to 15%.So of course they are really pulling the entire growth of the company.On the profitability side, during the first semester we improve our margin by 500 basis points, you might remember that our commitments to improve our margin between 100 to 200 basis points. For us it's really great to see this type of sales dynamic, why because we have launched different product than in the past, they are specialty product, they require a special mindset, a different capability than primary care product.So, the first semester is performing above that, but we know that the second semester will be lower, so you will see the phasing, James will explain that a bit later, but good performance during the first semester. So we should remember that Takeda was not very experienced for this type of product, but we have been able to do that I think in 2014.

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So in NINLARO, you have the demand is actually steadily increasing in the US, you have the volume demand here on the part of the graph and you have the market share in second line and third line.