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Blackberry messenger contacts not updating

The People's Bank of China, China's central bank, says it is investigating the possibility of cracking down on Q Coins due to people using Q Coins in exchange for real world goods.Coral QQ, a modification of Tencent QQ, is another add-on for the software, providing free access to some of the services and blocking Tencent's advertisements.

Moreover, users can share multimedia content with all contacts through the client's Qzone interface.

Currently, there are seven diamond schemes available: The QQ Coin is a virtual currency used by QQ users to "purchase" QQ related items for their avatar and blog.

Q Coins are obtained either by purchase (one coin for one RMB) or by using the mobile phone service.

In 2009, Tencent launched Xiaoyou (校友, 'schoolmate'), its first social network website.

In mid-2010, Tencent changed direction and replaced Xiaoyou with Pengyou (朋友, 'friends'), trying to establish a more widespread network, to which extant QQ users could be easily redirected, hence giving Pengyou a major advantage over its competitors.

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The client supports English, French, Spanish, German, Korean, Japanese and Traditional Chinese.