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In the majority of cases, however, bankruptcy is initiated by the debtor (a "voluntary bankruptcy" that is filed by the insolvent individual or organization).An involuntary bankruptcy petition may not be filed against an individual consumer debtor who is not engaged in business."I WILL LIKE TO TELL YOU ALL THAT I HAVE COME TO WIPE AWAY THOSE TEARS THOSE ONLINE FRAUDSTER HAVE CAUSED To YOU ALL IN THE NAME THAT THEY ARE LOAN LENDERS OK.SO THOSE IN NEED OF THIS LOAN FIRM SERVICES SHOULD SEND THERE CONTACTS TO THE ABOVE EMAIL ADDRESS FOR URGENT ATTENTION, AND ALSO I WANT TO LET THOSE THAT HAVE BEEN SCAMMED BEFORE NOT TO COMPARE THIS LOAN FIRM SERVICES WITH THE PREVIOUS ONE THEY ENCOUNTERED THERE SELF WITH OK!!Legal meaning of the terms bankruptcy, insolvency, liquidation and dissolution are contested in the Indian legal system.

sometimes they do it because they have faith in your business skills and they know that this is a temporary phase..My huble advice/suggestion to startup companies and Entrepreneurs is"IF YOU CANNOT BACK YOU UP FOR YOUR BUSINESS FOR 3 YEARS WITHOUT THIRD PARTY FUNDS, DONT DO BUSINESS".Iam 64 Year Old Retired Person Getting Monthly Pension of Rs5000.In India people say they need young entrepreneurs but even their family doesnt want to support.If they do the socity dont accept them and call them as young blooded person acting on a fire...

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AND OVER HERE UPFRONT FEES IS BASED ON YOUR CHOICE IN THE LOAN PROCESS.. So keep enough cash on hand to live in a foreign country and at the first sign of insolvency, leave the country. At the very least, hoard enough cash to live on for two years.