Gretchen rossi dating slade still Webcam drug sex

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Gretchen rossi dating slade still

"We have a good love story," Rossi told Us last year. And though Rossi's costars tell Us they didn't let them in on her plan to propose, they support the move.Jokes Rossi's TV frenemy Alexis Bellino to Us: "I guess she decided to buy instead of lease, which is good!In addition to that, Smiley's investments went belly-up after the market crash, so his return to star Tamra Judge allege that Rossi dreamed up the storyline to stay on the show, because shooting footage of the her accepting shipments of Gretchen Christine handbags wasn't doing the trick. In the clip, Rossi was adamant that her proposal to Smiley was authentic."I remember having a conversation with Gretchen and I said to her, ‘You're not doing anything. You have no kids, you're not married,' and lo and behold she came up with this big plan to propose to Slade," Judge said. She even choked up at the thought that people assumed it was fake.

Things got even more interesting when Rossi started dating Slade Smiley, who starred on the first two seasons of the series with his then-fiance, Jo De La Rosa (oh, and he also dated Lauri Peterson for 8 minutes).

This time, though, Smiley came back riddled with debt and covered in bad publicity.

He was accused of not paying child support for his son, Grayson, who is still battling cancer. CZ5KMw4r V — Gretchen Rossi (@Gretchen Rossi) September 10, 2017 Ahead of her reappearance on RHOC this season, some fans claimed she may have faked a friendship with Vicki Gunvalson in a bid to get back on the show long-term.

But she revealed she had actually become close friends with Vicki off camera two years ago after she reached out to her when her mom passed away.

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Everything was going pretty well until doctor stated his son is suffering from brain cancer.