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Jingles dating site

I had lost my children, the career I loved, (I was a nurse) and my home.

I was in a deep depression and had a terminal sentence.

"Love saved two lives" My name is Lynne, and I was diagnosed with the Hepatitis C in 1999.

Due to the genotype I have, without treatment I would have 8-10 years to live.

They helped me take care of my best friend, and for that there are no words that can express my thanks.

Just know I’ll be praying for the Foundation and, God willing, if I ever get a windfall of money I will gladly donate it to the fund. I hope this helps tell others of all the great work this foundation does for those who can't afford to save their best friends.

The pound wouldn't take it, and the shop workers were going to kill it.

I moved to San Jose, alone without anyone or anything.

I was on disability but it wasn't much so, I needed little more to make ends meet.

The medication left me bed ridden, worsened my fibromyalgia, activated early and swiftly progressing arthritis, and destroyed my thyroid.

The doctors, worried that the cure would cause more damage, and stopped the treatment saying that the future might hold better treatment options.

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