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"He was promoted second lieutenant in November 1888, (first) lieutenant in 1892 and captain in 1903.

During this early period of his military career, he served with the 99th, 88th and 47th Infantry Regiments" of the Austro-Hungarian Army.

T.) in the Ukraine." Discharged in January 1919, Wiligut brought his family to Salzburg.But like many Austro-Hungarian staff officers, he felt that his country had been cheated of victory in the war.The empire, he felt, had been brought down by the political intrigues of (pick one) (A) the Vatican; (B) Freemasonry; and (C) the Jews.In 1900, while stationed at Znaim in Moravia, Wiligut became intrigued by a curious prehistoric menhir called the Rabenstein, the subject of much local folklore.As a result, he began reading the books of Guido von List, a fellow Austrian and founder of the Ariosophy movement, and tried his own hand at volkisch poetry. Can't pass an ancient monument or ruin without checking it out.


"In October 1914, he became a staff officer in the 30th Infantry Regiment, witnessing action against the Russian army in the Carpathians along the northeastern flank of the (Austro-Hungarian) empire.

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