The box super updating

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The box super updating

The old Super Repo repository most of you will have installed on your boxes has a new V7 version available and it cannot be auto updated because the changes are way too significant to make that possible.The folk at Super Repo have made this pretty easy and it is a quick job that you really must carry out ASAP.

Finally, trainers can also get a major bonus - triple XP - when discovering brand new Pokemon for the first time.

In a case like that, upgrading Ubuntu via is for creating new Vagrant machines.

Using the example above, if you know you can replicate your work on that box, then blowing away that Vagrant machine is fine.

It let’s me test ideas on server configuration before I make them “live” on a “real” virtual machine or bare metal server. So does that mean it is not doing any good unless I destroy my existing machine and redo it?

Taking the client PC190 as an example, the operation steps are as follows: Before updating, please backup image files.

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By 8.1 BOX I mean retail version in box with two DVDs - x32 and x64 versions.

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